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A garage door is a part of your house that’s easy to take for granted – that is, until the day it stops working. A broken garage door can be a significant problem, especially if your car is stuck inside, or, worse, if the door is stuck open, posing a security risk to your home and family.

As garage doors are subject to daily use, it is inevitable that, over time, the constant pressure will make repairs necessary, especially as the door ages. That’s why it’s essential to know who you can turn to if you need garage door repairs in New Zealand. Fortunately, the team at Carswell is a perfect choice.

It’s vital to regularly service your garage doors, to minimise the chance that something will break and need to be repaired. You want to ensure that:

  • The spring tension is correct
  • The nuts and bolts are tight
  • The door opener operates as it should
  • The rollers are not chipped or cracked
  • The auto-reversal system works
  • The tracks are clear of dirt and debris

This will help reduce the chances of issues arising with your door and door opener over the long-term.

With so many garage door service companies in New Zealand, it can be hard to know which to choose. Carswell Construction offers leading garage door repair and servicing options for all your home maintenance needs, at high quality and with affordable prices.

Our experts will inspect your door, let you know what’s needed, and carry out any repair work. We service all garage doors and have spare parts for most, so if you’re looking for a top team to get your garage door working at its best, Carswell is the team for you.

When should I service my garage doors repair?

Garage door mechanisms are complicated and involve lots of moving parts. They are also exposed to the elements. Over time, this can impact performance and lead to damage, necessitating a garage door repair. As a result, most garage door manufacturers recommend you get your garage doors serviced every two years. 

If your garage door is damaged or malfunctioning, it’s essential to get it repaired immediately. This is especially important if it leads to internal access to your house, or important, valuable items stored in your garage, like your car. It’s not worth waiting to save a few dollars and compromising your family’s security in the process.

It is also important to get a professional garage door repair, regardless of whether your door has been properly installed, suffered improper used, never been serviced, or suddenly stopped working.

Why should I get my garage door professionally serviced?

It’s important not to try to repair your garage door yourself. If your garage door becomes hard to operate, continued use or attempted DIY repairs of your door can be dangerous. If you want someone qualified to diagnose problems with all makes and models of garage doors and door openers and fix them safely, it’s essential to turn to expert garage door repair technicians. If you’re looking for garage door installation and repair servicing in New Zealand, the Carswell Construction team is the perfect choice to help

Warranties for garage doors and garage door openers are usually conditional. By regularly maintaining and servicing your door, you help ensure that you’re complying with these terms, keeping your warranty valid. Regular servicing and maintenance of your garage door will help ensure that it is reliable and safe for use in the long term. This lets you know that your needs are met, your home is secure, and you save money on what would otherwise be a costly, time-consuming, major garage door repair.

We offer thorough, affordable preventative maintenance for all makes and models of garage doors and door openers. You’re sure to have your garage door repair and maintenance needs sorted with Carswell. 

There are many benefits to getting your garage doors serviced. This not only helps ensure that your garage door is safe to use but ensure preventative maintenance in the process, too, making it safe in the long term. By identifying any components suffering from wear and tear, they can be replaced when the damage is in its early stages. You avoid them breaking and causing more significant and more expensive problems, which require more time and investment for a garage door repair.

That’s why, by regularly servicing your garage doors, you help to prevent future breakdowns. You also have the immediate benefit of ensuring the smooth operation of your door, allowing for a more pleasurable experience with your house. Regular service and early detection of problems are also crucial to make sure that your door and its mechanisms last as long as possible. Thereby, you maximise the investment in your property and add value useful in the resale market.

If you’re ready to look for a team who are sure to solve all your garage door servicing needs, the team at Carswell are prepared to help today. Our friendly, professional staff are highly trained for all your garage door repair needs. 

We keep our prices affordable and service top quality, to ensure that our customers only get the best we can offer. We know that it can be very difficult to take time out of your busy schedule to wait for repair technicians to come to your house and for repairs to be completed. That’s why we make sure to choose a time that works best for you. Minimal disruption while maximising the use of your home. When you go with Carswell, you go better.

If you’re ready to get your no-obligation, free quote, contact us at 0800 374 000 today. We’re excited to see how we can help you with all your garage door repair and servicing needs.